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Decentral is a Decentralized Commons of Community Spaces
Designed to Proliferate p2p culture and facilitate commons transition




Closed & Centralized


The Rise of Centralization

Historically the Public has entrusted power to Representatives & Centralized Authorities with the prospect of reaching consensus for various issues and affairs. This was mainly because there was no other way for groups of people to agree on things over distance (too many people brought too much anonymity). Acting with good intentions the Public allowed highly Closed and Centralized entities to form like Courts, Police Stations, Banks, Corporations, Militaries and Governments.

Blind Trust

Though these entities helped scale Humanity, and arguably made many better off, there remains one large problem today. It’s still very difficult for the Public to tell if their Representatives are lying, corrupt or just plain incompetent. This lack of transparency in a Closed and Centralized environment invariably breeds Kleptocratic behavior, Corruption, Poverty, Cultural Genocide, and War; regardless of political ideology. History has proved time and again that countless Revolutions have ended in vain, always “revolving” one Centralized system for another.


In recent times, conventional money has been over-printed and privately controlled by Centralized Banks that are biased to benefit the few. The authoritative manipulation of a nation’s money supply combined with Corporate and Political interests has been directly responsible for the unspeakable Tyranny & Oppression of the last century. We have never been able to bypass our Central Banks and Transcend our Nation-State’s Borders with our own money, and We have never been able to use anything but Coercive Centralized institutions to organize Humanity on a Global Scale.


You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

— Buckminster Fuller —


This is


A Decentralized & Voluntary Revolution


Open & Decentralized


What's a Blockchain?

A Blockchain is a Decentralized Consensus Database that can be used for a multitude of purposes; Global & Secure Voting Systems, Inflation-Proof Currencies (Bitcoin), storing Uncensorable and Permanent Public Records (or Private), providing Transparent Audibility of Government Processes; all without the need of any human representatives. Spawning from the invention of Bitcoin, the implications of Blockchain Technology are unprecedented in Human History.

The Megatrend

Decentralization is the Megatrend of the 21st Century. The Four Pillars of a Decentralized Society include Decentralized Communications (Cryptography and the Internet), Decentralized Law (Smart Contracts and Open Transactions) Decentralized Production (3D Printing Technology and Solar Energy) and Decentralized Currency (Bitcoin & Other Blockchain Tech). The Internet

Open Source Trust

Because of this we have now “fixed” the initial scaling problem that plagued our Centralized past and we have all the tools in place for creating an Open and Decentralized Society that’s far less prone to Centralized Corruption. We can create new Socioeconomic Systems that Bypass and Decentralize Political Power. We can Redistribute Power back to the People, where its always belonged. We can have Order without Orderers, Trust without Traitors, and Peace without Protest. We can Decentralize the World!

Become a Node

Take action and become a Node of the Decentral Network

Become A Node

Decentral is a place that’s neither here nor there, It’s an ephemeral “Meta-Country” that promotes Decentralization and P2P culture. Anyone in the world can help proliferate this culture no matter where they live. A Decentral Node can be any kind of Community Space that acts as shared space for the culture to grow and flourish.

Local Outreach

Do outreach in your city or town showing, coders, farmers, politicians, artists, and businesses how the world can benefit from the Decentralization of Power. Host Meetups and organize events. Try to cross pollinate with like-minded cultures in your area.


We can share with each other the things that work and what don’t work for our nodes. We can share revenue models that in turn make the spaces economically sustainable. Nodes will eventually be connected as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that handles Governance and Administrative tasks using P2P Technology.

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The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information.

— Tim Berners Lee —


From a Socioeconomic perspective, we view Blockchain Technology as one of the most Significant Innovations in Human History. It will catalyze a Paradigm Shift of how we fundamentally view Governance, Politics, Law, Trade and Currency. In parallel with the rise of Blockchain Technology, we acknowledge the imperative for a Sustainable Future and the need for humanized economics where community and the conditions for life are priority. Our drive is to steer P2P and Blockchain Technology in a positive way that empowers the individual, and improves society – locally and globally. We want to focus on creating Culture and Commerce with respect to…











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